Friday, June 11, 2010

Gorgeous Sandwich

well i've been getting some new devices so i'm a little backed up on my rips. i set up a new/old record player and with that, i needed to get a new receiver. luckily my grandfather had one. i also set up a tape deck so hopefully i'll get some good tape rips this time. well that's that.
i also had an idea recently. i hate having that ridiculous hardcore punk scans blog for my scans so i thought up a new plan. i'll put all the scans in a zip file and upload them, then place them in the post. much better and easier for me too. so i've uploaded all the scans and it will take some time to change all the links. so in a couple of days i'll be ending that site so get you're full (of nothing really).
chronic disorder fred 7" will be posted next.

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