Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Necros-EP 7"

(((re-post from Nov. 4/09@10:10pm)))
(((well this is a post from way back in the day. it was back when the background colour was blue so that's why some of the words are in colour here. it looked good at one point, trust me. like i said in the comment, there was only 100 of these pressed by those wackos at touch and go record. the record i have is the boot. it sounds really good. now read my old incorrect and childish review and get the download.))
alright, everyone just hates this release. they all say the sound quality is bad, the lyrics suck and the songs are to simple. WHAT? THAT'S WHAT HARDCORE PUNK IS! that just makes me so mad. to be honest this is one of my favourites. yeah it's sloppy but that's what makes it the best.

1. sex drive 5/5 (great fast opener.)
2. police brutality 5/5 (classic.)
3. better late than never 5/5 (great bass at the start. crazy vocals.)
4. caste system 5/5
(listen to the drum fills, all RIM. yeah!)

overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
buy it, listen to it at max volume and quit complaining.
(look at all the colours, reminds me of the eddie and the subtitles review.)

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  1. only 100 originally pressed of this bad boy. recently reissued on yellow cover.