Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stuff Coming Up

well coming up soon will be re-posts of the two Necros 7"s. then something i doubt you have heard. it's The Authorities Bourbon Decay 7". you all know there famous first 7" with I Hate Cops and Radiationmasturbation. yep 14 years later they released another 7". it sounds a little like their first but mainly just the singer's voice. then the comp that i said i would post a couple days ago, New York Thrash. let's see, what else, i'll probably throw in a Career Suicide 7". i'd like to upload the F.U.'s Kill For Christ 12". the second last track is over 5 minutes. so i will spend the majority of my time uploading that song. also the Gorilla Biscuits first 7". maybe some McRad just for fun. that's it.


  1. whatever happened to kill for christ and mcrad? if you have my america too that would be cool.

  2. well i don't actually have those records, so..... My America is garbage in my opinion.