Thursday, April 8, 2010

Blanks-EP 7"

(((re-post from Feb. 4/10@4:46pm)))
ok, last KBD record for a while, i promise. great 7" from this Peterborough band, not the ontario peterbourough, the UK one. on the back they use fake names they made up, for fun? great lo-fi production from 1979 on Void records. the record starts out with a chilling message from the northern ripper himself. before he speaks a women asks you "if you recognize this voice, call the police." then the ripper talks and you can heard faint music in the background, then i gets LOUD! it's really quite scary when you listen to it at night. anyway, good mix of fast and mid-tempo punk. great vocals. i think it's the only release by the band. it's probably on one of the KBDcomps, if not, it should be.
1. the northern ripper 5/5 (great punk song.)
2. understand 5/5 (fast and great vocals.)
3. break down 5/5 (classic.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
yep this hard to find. on popsike they are all sold from england and start at $50 grubles. somebody reissue this, please! or at least a bootleg. there's one on ebay right now, 1 bid and already at $50.


  1. the northern ripper (actually
    called the yorkshire ripper) was fake. some guy sent in fake tapes and
    letters saying he was the yorkshire ripper and used the name jack. get
    it? jack the ripper. they found the guy that did the fake voice. just
    thought you should know. very creapy though.