Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Dicks-Hate The Police 7"

(((re-post from Nov. 25/09@6:03pm)))
(((well i bought the "crap" bootleg. the quality of the first song is bad compared to the original. plus they sped it up like nobody's business. i slowed it down to make it sound more like the original. also the beginning is sort of cut off. the b-side sounds the same thou. someone wanted $50 for this boot and i said how bout $10. he said yes and here we are. so download it here, then click the link below for the original rip.)))
time for one of the greatest 7"s of all time. this is 40x better than PEACE? and you saw how good that 7" was in another post. i need to a put link for this because it is a must have: The Dicks
1. the dicks hate the police 5/5 (fantastic masterpiece.)
2. lifetime problems 5/5 (great and fast.)
3. all night fever 5/5 (not sure why i love this song but i do, so.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
the original is very rare and goes for like $600. there are some bootlegs out there, but some say the sound quality is really bad (i'm still going to look for one.)

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