Saturday, February 5, 2011

Boogie Nazis-Pearl Harbor Sessions Tape

as promised, here is the tape tracks that were missing from the discography i posted a couple days ago. well more problems with my tape deck. now it clicks like a mad man when i play something. i think i might just suck it up and buy something new instead of looking around for old used stuff. but i did finally get a rip without the clicks but i listened to the cd versions and came to the conclusion. the cd versions are just more clearer so i went with those. thanks to Ryan again for uploading them. but i did scan everything. anyway here you have it. a tape entitled Pearl Harbor Sessions. i think it was released in 2010 but i'm not sure cause there is no date. apparently i got the last tape they had, thank god. greatly packaged. the tape is spray-painted with one side being black and the other being the "rising sun." you know, that Japanese thing or whatever. on the paper you get an official pilots license. mine is #51. i signed my name on it but at the time of scanning this, which was a long time ago, i hadn't signed it yet. so check out the scans below. now get the finest surf music ever to grace tape reels.
1. wild summer fun 5/5 (big party song.)
2. droppin' throu' 5/5 (holy god this is great.)
3. batfish 5/5 (guitar=great.)
4. if tuscon had a beach 5/5 (one of the greatest guitar riffs of all time. all of the ones in this song.)
5. gleaming the tube 5/5 (back to fast.)
6. john denverb, colorado 5/5 (keyboard is fantastic. again, riffs amazing. 0:53s makes me cry, with joy of such a great riff.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
can't wait for more Boogie Nazis stuff. can you?


  1. the japanese thing. you just pisswed off every world war II historian. great shit though it seems kind of pointless to have left the tracks off the discography. love the pilot thing. where are these guys from?

  2. why would that piss them off? pointless? i had all the scans so i wanted to do a new post. they are from Tuscon, Arizona.

  3. i know i was givving you a hard time. i hear you're getten a discography. i'm getting one too so i'll review it when it comes rather than right now.

  4. yep. oh cool i'll be waiting.

  5. yeah and once i get the first thfs demo i'll review that too unless you don't want me too.

  6. haha. like i said if you don't want me to review it i won't.

  7. sweet! this tape was released in december of 2009, just before we went on our winter '09/'10 tour in california.

  8. hey ryan, oh thanks for the info!