Saturday, February 5, 2011

JFA-Blatant Localism 7"

(((re-post from Nov. 4/2009@9:24pm)))
(((this is one of my favourite records cause it was one of the first punk records i got on vinyl. now i find myself looking at it more than listening to it. not cause i don't like it anymore, but because i have tons of other records. although i always keep it at the front of my stash of records. i remember always playing tony hawks pro skater with my brother and we would try to guess what he was saying in the chorus. cause they cut it all out in the game, cause of censors. also they substituted the word "drugs" with "skate." which sounds pretty funny when you find out what the original sounds like. anyway the vinyl itself has seen it's play. the wear is really only noticeable on the last track though. it's a great looking record with just the right amount of wear. check out the scans. elliott called for a re-post, so here it is.)))

hey, i just bought this, 30 bones altogether. it was worth it. one of the greatest albums out there. they put out another two good albums, they got some cool surf songs. after that record they gave up. they went from skate-punk to slow-bad. but from 80-84 they were great.
1. out of school 5/5 (great opening song, fast great music.)
2. JFA 5/5 (best song on here.)
3. do the hannigan 5/5 (really short, fast and fantastic.)
4. count 5/5 (4 seconds long, yep.)
5. beach blanket bong-out 5/5 (tony hawk pro skater 4, yep.)
6. cokes and snickers 5/5 (good song, feels like a bonus track. i can't eat snickers. allergic.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
(one goes up on ebay every other week, $20-35 depends on condition.)


  1. with some rips? i scanned it a while ago but never got around to ripping yet. this will give me the extra boost though.

  2. i was wondering if you could help me get the rest of jfa's recordings. i know you don't like them but you know me. if you say it's bad i have to find it. this is my favorite jfa record though the next two lps are classics. but this sounds so cool and fresh. just for this i will have nothing but cokes and snickers on sunday.

  3. yes. i like how his voice hasn't matured yet. you can really tell he got older in the LPs.

  4. yeah he sounds like i did. and sometimes still do. great great great!

  5. Zach,did you ever hear the Blazing Wheels and Barking Trucks Comps?? They have Some descent skate bands on them, or how about Mcrad? are you into them? I might still have their LP if your intrested.

  6. no i never got around to getting those yet. well i only have a really bad quality download of the first Mcrad, so i'd be great if you uploaded it. thanks!

  7. Maybe some time when I get a chance I'll rip some of that stuff for you. Those comps were put out by Thrasher Magazine. If I remember right they were pretty decent.

  8. oh thanks Frank. i'd greatly appreciate it. yeah i think i'll finally check out those skate comps.

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