Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bad Sports-S/T 12"

well i'm back from being sick the whole past week. i finally feel like posting again. i've been sitting on these rips of this record for a while now, just never cut up the tracks. but now i took the time to do it so here i am. what we have here is some great powerpop, or something. it's hard to define this record, so call it whatever you want. this was released on the great Douchemaster records in 2009 on my birthday. i think they have released other stuff. everybody trades vocals, great stuff. i got nothing else to say, i've got homework to do, enjoy.
1. face like that 3.5/5 (decent song.)
2. sinking you 5/5 (best track. so catchy.)
3. on video 5/5 (like it.)
4. i need it 5/5 (great. really like this guys voice.)
5. she'll never get out 3/5 (decent.)
6. nothing but agitation 5/5 (love it!)
7. and it goes 3.5/5 (good.)
8. too many people 5/5 (nice.)
9. last cigarette 5/5 (like this too.)
10. progress man 5/5 (love this guys voice!)
11. won't let you win 5/5 (four killer tracks in a row.)
12. payback 4.5/5 (very good.)
13. why say don't 4/5 (little breakdown.)
14. should've known 3.5/5 (good.)
overall: 8/10 strongly recommended
buy it from the link above, and lots of other DM titles. they release top quality new powerpop.


  1. i think it's punk. great! thanks! good thing you're better. you still beat me for this month.

  2. yeah i guess it might be punk. haha, i guess i did beat you. i'm just happy that i got off as many posts as i did, 12. that's the most i've done since last June.

  3. yeah i still want to beat the record i set in january of last year. i think i did 39 posts.

  4. oh you did way more then that i think, like 60.

  5. hmm it says 39. i want to do 10 posts in a day.

  6. oh shit! i've got to beat that record.

  7. and why did i call this punk? it's powerpop hands down.