Saturday, October 16, 2010

United Mutation-Insanity/Kyo Ki 7"

now we'll go from really good to really bad. at first you might think, "cool a dc band. produced by don at inner ear! this is gonna be great! like minor threat!" then you put it on and realize it doesn't sound like minor threat at all. too bad. anyway this was released on the great bootleg german label Lost and Found records. i'm not sure what this is called but it says "insanity/kyo ki" on the record label. some of you out there will probably like this. that's why i'm posting it, for the public. i haven't seen it anywhere else so here you go. comes on a nice blue vinyl. unknown pressed. have at it! (it's all garbage for me, except for the last song which i like. actually good vocals on that track).
1. white boy 0/5
5. it's over 0/5
8. oh no 0/5
10. over the edge 4/5 (only good track. recorded live in'87.)
overall: 1/10 not recommended
not something i like to listen to but maybe it's for you.


  1. I'm with you on this one. I can appreciate the brutality, but in the end I would probably never spin this more than once or twice. This record is actually a collection of demo's that were recorded between their 2 7" records. The Flex Discography book says that this is Great, fast hardcore each their own.

  2. yeah. oh i didn't know it was demos. hahah, yes, to each his own.

  3. hey zach, you like the C.A. demo i sent you?
    you should put it up. make it a HCPR exclusive

  4. oh sorry i thought i emailed you.

    yeah thanks. the version of the 7" songs sound like the same versions though. i really like other songs. but where did "shake it" come from? look at the track listing on KFTH
    do you have any of the other songs on that track listing? "really blue" or "jailbait judy"?

    thanks again Adrian!

  5. oh i just found this:
    all there stuff.

  6. oh sweet, i got it off one of my friends. no clue where he got it

  7. whatchu talkin' 'bout willis. UM rules.

  8. haha, well i did hear another 7" by them at Rocket Science and it was actually pretty good.

  9. Check out the "Freaks Out" LP on my blog. I'd agree that this isn't their strongest stuff, but they were definitely ahead of their time.

  10. alright Harrry, i'll check it out.