Friday, October 22, 2010

Forthcoming/Already Done

time for a new LINKS post. alright, here's some stuff i'm really looking forward to buying or already bought or whatever. first off, thanks elliott for the package, hope your internet gets fixed soon. anyway on to the releases. LIBYANS just released a 12" on Sorry State records. sounds pretty good. once i get some money i'm gonna buy it. also the new LOVE TRIANGLE 7" that they've distributed. that's it for them. then we have Grave Mistake records new release by the LADIES, six more reason to hate the... 7" go to their site and get it, it is truly awesome (comes on pink vinyl too!). next i got wind of a new NIGHT BIRDS 7". which i thought would be on grave mistake (because of previous release) but nope. it's coming out on the great Now Way records. speaking of no way records, they have released some killer stuff lately. the re-issues of the two CHRONIC SICK records and the new ACID REFLUX 7". some great releases coming up on the label too. like i said before, the new night birds 7". also the debut 7" by CROSS RAGE (canadian). speaking of canada, WHITE WIRES have a new 12" coming up on Dirtnap records. if you like powerpop, you'll love them. dirtnap are also re-issuing the cherry beach 7" by CAREER SUICIDE with extra tracks. more canadian stuff is the new 12" by BRUTAL KNIGHTS on Dereanged records. it says it's their last release, god i hope it's not. the new Killed By Modern Problems (vol. 2) is in the works over at H.R.S. records. EPIDEMICS released a 7" on tons of labels, i think mine is Yellow Dog records. lastly back in the re-issue department, we have the great NUKKETEATTERI 7" being re-issued by Adult Crash records in about two weeks. oh i almost forgot, LOGNHALlSMOTTAGNINGEN has a 7" included in a box set with other bands. but that won't be out for a long while. one last thing to say, NEGATIVE LIFESTYLE, you need to make a 12". your 7" is the best of the year so far! lots of links here, check em all out! that's all i got for now. if anybody has any suggestions, let me know!


  1. ah dude, I just bought the chronic sick album, cutest band in hardcore vinyl reissue

    so so sick

  2. yeah i bought them too. it is sick! thanks for the comment.