Friday, October 29, 2010

The Shitlickers-Cracked Cop Skulls EP 7"

is it The Shitlickers or The Shit Lickers? well...... i went with the first one. anyway this post goes along with the anti-cimex one i just did. as i said before, this was bootlegged onto a 7" with the a-side being this entire ep and the b-side having the entire anti-cimex anarkist attack 7". that's why you'll only see one side of the vinyl in the scans. more raging swedish punk for you. originally released on Malign Massacre in 1982. now i'm not sure on the pressing info but i'll give it a shot. if anybody can help me on facts, do so. it was originally released with the cover linked here. i don't like it very much. then The Export records repressed this and it came with the cover above. and the final press is the same cover as above only in red, not white. now i know that's probably wrong so help me out. seeing as i will never own the anti-cimex original 7", i bought this bootleg. cheap alternative. all the songs are under a minute, beautiful.
1. war system 5/5 (nice.)
4. armed revolution 5/5 (done.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
nice, fast listen. short fast rules!


  1. Amazing 7"! Such an awesome and crazy record.

  2. hey dude, i posted something new. its a local band from my area. its good shit.

  3. hey Anonymous, yeah it is a crazy record!

    hey adrian, i'll check em out!

  4. American Waste's my friend alex's band from san dimas. he gave me all the shit they put out.

    they broke up and formed another band named boneless. ive got a bunch more shit from both of them too. its shittier sound quality though.

  5. oh nice. too bad they broke up.

    what do "boneless" sound like?

  6. i'll upload them once i get my flashdrive from my friend back