Saturday, October 9, 2010

Reagan Youth-Youth Anthems For The New Order 12"

ok i've got a double post for you today. so you hear about everybody loving the original 12" opposed to "volume one" 12" put out by Red Archives records. everybody hates how the re-issue sounds. well i guess one guy thought, "hey, what if i put both on a 12"?" well he did and here you have it. the a-side is the original and the b-side is volume one. i actually like volume one quite a bit. i like that you can hear the bass better. also they added the fantastic "no class" song. probably my favourite reagan youth song. anyway, this bootleg looks exactly like the original. even the record labels. it doesn't tell you that there are 10 other songs on the b-side. i have no idea who even made this bootleg but the outer plastic sleeve said 10o0 pressed. released when? i don't know. all i know is that you need this record (or records). there is also a cd of rare and live tracks which is pretty good as well. download the scans for all of the massive foldover sleeve. ok so now the tracks. first download is the original and seconds is volume one. enjoy the(se) masterpiece(s)!

1. new aryans 5/5 (great.)
2. reagan youth 5/5 (yeah!)
4. i hate hate! 5/5 (great song.)
5. degenerated 5/5 (hum.)
6. u.s.a. 5/5 (great yet again.)
7. (you're a) gonowhere 5/5 (are you?)
overall: strongly recommended


(contains remastered, unreleased and different version songs.)
1. reagan youth 5/5 (bass.)
2. new aryans 5/5 (ooo.)
3. (are you really) happy? 5/5 (again, well?)
4. no class 5/5 (best reagan youth song.)
5. i hate hate! 5/5 (me too.)
6. degenerated 5/5 (yep.)
7. (you're a) gonowhere 5/5 (again, are you?)
8. u.s.a. 5/5 (nice version.)
9. anytown 5/5 (listen to the amazing drum fills.)
10. in dog we trust 4/5 (just a little bit of a drag.)
overall: 9.9/10 strongly recommended


this is actually a good re-mastering job (volume one), unlike most times. get this bootleg. it did. also go to Maximum Rocknroll .com for other reagan youth demo tracks.


  1. Great early NYHC band. In my opinion Reagan Youth is certainly underrated. I grew up in the NYC area, have a bunch of old school hardcore friends and never hear any of them mention Reagan Youth when we talk about the good old days of NYHC.

  2. Oh, and I agree with you Zach. I like the fuller sound on Volume one .

  3. whow never mentioned. definitely great early NYHC.

    you like the fuller sound too. well that makes two of us, haha. i don't know why everybody dislikes it so much.

  4. e-mail me and ill send you the C.A. demo. i cant find a pic of them so idk if i want to post it.

  5. I like the original - because it's what I got used to for many years prior to the NRA CD. Supposedly recorded in MONO!

  6. yeah. i'm more used to the re-issue. mono's the way to go!