Thursday, October 21, 2010

Anti-Cimex/Anarkist Attack 7"

(((re-post from Dec. 8/09@6:31pm)))
(((no i don't have the original copy, but i do have the bootleg. the bootleg is a split with the Shitlickers 7" on the a-side (i'll post that next and more info on that post about the bootleg). this post just got a comment and inspired me to post it. i only have two things left to say: 1. elliott where are you? 2. go to this. it's awesome!)))
here's a nice swedish hardcore release for you. this record is great but all of their following records are bad. after this record they went totally CRUST. but anyway. bullshit recordz released this 7" in 1981. this record was the first release by bullshit recordz, the second was the absurd-ep and then the label went bankrupt (rumored to be not true). this is very rare. some parts fast, some parts slow, it's all good.
1. svaveldioxid 4/5 (good song.)
2. heroindod 5/5 (better song.)
3. drommusik 4/5 (a song.)
4. anti-cimex 5/5 (best song.)
overall: 9/10 strongly recommended
come on bootleggers, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! **(this statement is false, i was unaware of the bootleg at the time of the original posting of this record)**


  1. this was bootlegged with side one being this 7"
    and side2 being shitlickers EP

  2. hey,

    yeah i guess i should fix that. i found out and bought it a while ago. it is on the posting block.

    thanks for coming by anarkistattack!

  3. sorry but this record just doesn't do it for me. it's not bad but to me it doesn't stand up to raped ass.