Friday, February 3, 2012

We Still Can't Help It If We're From Florida Compilation 7"

i really love compilations. you get introduced to some really great bands and wish you could hear more from them. then on the flip side there are really bad bands that you wish you never hear again. this 7" compilation however is actually pretty great all the way through. this was the second installment of the florida compilations and it was made in 1992 on Burrito records. tons were pressed because they said that they always wanted there records to be cheap and easy to buy. i really enjoy their thoughts and because of them you can pick this up for around $2.50. this release comes with a fantastic large insert. check it out in the scans.

now on this 7" there is a mix of old and newer bands, well new for the 90's. this comp starts with an EBS track and i honestly thought it was from the 80s. nope, it's a song off of their 1991 release, crazy. next is a song from No Fraud which is awesome. No Fraud's first 7" from 1986 is great. Slap of Reality were a new band as you can probably tell by the sounds of it. it's not bad actually but doesn't fit in with the other songs at all. then Backwash deliver my favourite track on here. the track is from a 3 song demo they did. it sounds very similar to Sin 34. Maggot Sandwich are next. their first two releases are what made them one of my favourite bands. however these two tracks are pretty bad and don't sound anything like the Maggot Sandwich i know. well a Florida punk comp wouldn't be complete without Roach Motel. the song they supply was an unreleased one given to the label by the guitarist on a cassette. then Chickenhead give a pretty great little track. they released only one 7" in the year of my birth 1993. and lastly an obscure song by Milk and Cookies. i doubt they were even a real band. just listen to the 1 second song.

1. E.B.S.-Police Pricks 5/5 (sounds old.)
2. No Fraud-Identity Crisis 5/5 (love the vocals.)

2. Maggot Sandwich-Fuck That Funk 0/5 (i love funk.)
3. Maggot Sandwich-Hambone Of The Gods 3/5 (originally called Led Zeppelin sucks.)

overall: 7/10 recommended
a pretty great comp overall. the only bad songs are all over in 5 seconds anyway. so yeah, check out the awesome insert in the scans.



  1. i actually never got the first part the we can't help it comp. will dig that up. besides having a great death metal scene florida kicked ass in the punk department. no frawd are my favorite here. if you haven't heard the demo they did track that fucker down! the 7 is great as well. i've been meaning to track some of these releases down. not bad at all dude and sorry about the dickhead comment on the download post.

  2. - Thanks for a great post, again... :)

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    1. milk and cookies my favorite band on this comp. guess you could tell. a little faster and it'd be you suffer. also great title

  4. thanks for the comments, haha milk and cookies.