Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Circle One-Patterns Of Force 12"

well after a long absence i'm back. and i'm coming back with one of my favourite vocalists. everybody already knows all about his stories, like his death, so i won't talk about it. i just really love the way he sings. especially on "Gospel". just a fantastic song. anyway this was recorded and released in 1983 on Upstart Records. this was re-issued two years ago by two labels, Mass Media and Puke n Vomit Records. a great mix of long and short songs on this one. now i downloaded a version of this album a long time ago. the recording was very simple with no effects on the vocals or instruments. now when i bought this re-issue i found myself listening to an album with tons of effects on it. like the massive echoes on his voice, which wasn't on the downloaded version. what does the original 1983 release sound like? effects or no effect? oh well, who cares.

1. social climbing leeches 5/5 (great opener.)
2. beware 5/5 (nice.)
3. gospel 5/5 (great, favourite song.)
4. survive 3.5/5 (ok.)
5. fading 5/5 (fast and short.)
6. destroy exxon 5/5 (love vocals.)

1. patterns of force 5/5 (great chorus.)
2. plastic life 5/5 (short.)
3. rapture 5/5 (oooohhhh.)
4. vietnam vets 2.5/5 (meh.)
5. pride 5/5 (love it.)
6. our sword 4/5 (jesus christ.)
7. unity 5/5 (great ender.)

overall: 8.5/10 strongly recommended
great lp from a later stage in the punk rush. thrash without getting too fast on the back and fourth of the snare and hi-hat.



  1. puke n vomit are the ones doing all the rf7 reisues. this band kills i first heard them on the public servis comp. great stuff. i'll see if the original has effects or not.they add an interesting touch to the music for sure

  2. yeah they are doing those rf7 reissues. they have a really good label and distro. thanks for commenting.

  3. yeah i'll say. along with grand theft audio. the original sounded like this one

  4. oh that sucks. the other recording i heard is way better than this.

  5. yeah i'd have to say i'd like it a bit more raw. still really good. worth the wait

  6. Vietnam vets deserves a 5, no fucking way in hell it's "meh"