Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Fans-Givin' Me That Look 7"

now for some killer powerpop. The Fans formed in 1978 in england. apparently they were pretty popular in the UK. i can see why. this is fantastic powerpop. great vocals matched with great fast instruments. the band only released two 7"s which both are great. this 7" was released in 1979 on Fried Egg records. the one i have is the re-issue by 1977 Records. they are a Japanese record label. they have released tons of classic 7"s however they are pretty expensive, for a 7" re-issue. but i got mine for cheaper elsewhere. most 1977 Records records are limited to 300 on black and 100 on some colour. so most of their earlier releases are impossible to find. so you have to buy them when you see them. so yeah, this is a very catchy record, get it.

1. Givin' Me That Look 5/5 (fantastic. love it all the way through.)

1. Stay The Night 5/5 (equally great.)
2. He'll Have To Go 3.5/5 (a little less good.)

overall: 8/10 strongly recommended
buy it if you find it, it won't be as easily available forever.



  1. i don't think i need to say much. this is the shit i love!

  2. you're welcome, thanks for the comment.

  3. hey, totally random but do you still do short runs of cassettes? we have a bunch of projects we're working on and haven't found the right guy. thanks!

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