Thursday, November 3, 2011

U.X. Vileheads-Catch 22 EP 7"

now for some new punk from Sweden. the band plays some great hardcore punk and just keep getting better and better. the UX Vileheads have released another 7" (which was good too) along with this one. this one was released in 2010 on both Sorry State (USA) and Adult Crash (i think Denmark). they just released a 12" and i've heard a few tracks from it, they sound great. i'll have to buy that new 12" sometime. i just found a great blog about there band that the singer updates. THIS is the link. you can buy stuff from them including some sweet looking shirts.

1. catch 22 5/5 (great song, come out flying.)
2. kill for peace 3/5 (a bit slower.)

1. down again 5/5 (builds, then goes nuts.)
2. no salvation 5/5 (great vocals.)

overall: 8/10 strongly recommended
buy it from Sorry State (link above).



  1. you know for new punk this is pretty damn good. thanks bro

  2. yeah. review coming on my blog soon

  3. The new UX Vileheads Lp is pretty great. I have a short review and few songs posted on my blog.

  4. oh sweet, i'll check it out, thanks.