Monday, November 7, 2011

Strike-Radio Songs/Teenage Rebel EP 7"

well what we have here is a classic punk 7". this Belfast band released this 7" in 1980 by Shock Rock and was sadly their sole release. it was limited to 500 back then. too bad they never did anything else but this cause these two powerpop songs are some of the catchiest ever. the band did recreate once but with a female singer and they didn't go much original material. there is a great write up of the band on the Sing Sing blog. in fact this was re-issued by the label Sing Sing records in 2010. that whole label is just amazing. every release they do is a killer. however, this 7" is one of the few that is out of print from there site. just by looking at this cover you know it's gonna be great. i like the little symbol in the cover that they changed from Shock Rock to Sing Sing seamlessly. so if you haven't heard of this, get it now, it's a must. it's hard to chose which song is better, but i think i like the flip side the best.

1. radio songs 5/5 (so great! love the vocalist.)

1. teenage rebel 5/5 (sooooo catchy.)

overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
as i said before, it is out of print. so get it from Sorry State or something. and look i got the scans back up and running. check out the great artwork below. i am even going to add the artwork on the actual tracks ala Killed By Death Records (if you haven't noticed by now, this site is heavily influenced by that site).



  1. wish they could have recorded with the female singer. very good

  2. are you kidding me, this guy's voice is the tops!

  3. Good stuff Zach...glad you decided to keep the blog going.