Thursday, November 10, 2011

School Jerks-3rd EP 7"

since i posted the other School Jerks 7"s, i thought i'd post this then too. if you don't know already School Jerks are one of my favourite bands out there and the best out of the great city of Toronto. i'm wearing one of the shirts i got from them right now. just great punk music. this was recorded in 2010 and released this year by Cowabunga records. 100 on clear vinyl, which is the one scanned here, i've also got the black vinyl (i'd like to get this clear black swirl version which there was only like 8 that came out like that, from Nick's store). they are in the works on a 12" which you know is gonna be great after their demo, three 7"s and a split tape they have already released which were all great. nothing will ever beat their first 7" for me, but this 7" is right behind it. Ivan the drummer has a different band called Kremlin which are really quite good as well. you can read more about them and the School Jerks at the site linked here (their blog). nothing else to say, 6 great songs with only one song over a minute long, now listen and buy it.

1. screamer 5/5 (great opener.)
2. control 5/5 (flying by.)
3. ready to die 5/5 (yeah.)

1. ugly minds, ugly faces 4/5 (good song.)
2. moral addiction 5/5 (this is the winner. best song on here!)
3. 4-F 4/5 (longest song.)

overall: 9/10 strongly recommended
as you can see it's more great artwork by Tara Bursey. she has done the artwork for all the 7"s and stuff. wondering if she is working on the 12" design. on the inside of the 7" sleeve is the lyrics to Ugly Minds, Ugly Faces, but only that song. check it out in the scans.



  1. you are welcom. one of the few new punk bands i follow

  2. good, keep following them. i'll try and post the split if i can get my tape player to make it not sound awful.

  3. Excellent shit! Thanks again for another quality post... :)

  4. soooo stoked you've started this back up so I can get back to stealing all your music!

  5. COOOL!!!!!! love this. cant believe people hate on them