Friday, November 4, 2011

Retainers-Teenage Regrets 7"

now for some more of the Retainers. before i praised them with their Waste of Time 7" (which by the way does have one of my favourite tracks of all time on it). and like that 7", this record was released on Fashionable Idiots out of Minnesota. this one being 3 years previous to the other in 2006. the Retainers play really distorted garage punk stuff. this 7" is really distorted opposed to there others, (i feel). this has been pressed twice and i have the second press. they have released a few 7"s and a 12". if anyone knows where to get that 12", let me know, cause it's sold out everywhere i look. the first track is a real good one. the last track has a real surf vibe to me, must be the guitar.

1. teenage regrets 5/5 (yell! catchy.)
2. zombie caliente 2.5/5 (not my favourite.)

1. kill my boss 3/5 (pretty good.)
2. blue jean attack 5/5 (surf!)

overall: 6/10 recommended
i get these guys and the Sinks mixed up so much. anyway you can buy from the link above. the cover actually is more of a reddish colour but came out pink for some reason.



  1. i have to say i don't really like this that much the other 7 was better. still okay still i need older shit

  2. how old do you think i am? i'm young, broke and don't have any money for this old stuff that you love so much. haha.