Thursday, November 10, 2011

7 Seconds-Old School 12"

from one of my favourite new bands to one of my favourite old bands. 7 Seconds were/are a fantastic band formed in 1980 in Reno. i posted other releases by them which include their 2 first 7"s. everything they did up until 1984 is golden. there is a great LP going around that includes their three early tape releases, which have some great songs on it. the really early stuff is much slower but i've grown to like it, but it's still not close to the fast stuff they do. the last good thing they did was an LP called The Crew. that album is pretty good, but after hearing some of the much rawer versions of the songs in the demo session, i can't really like it as much as i should. everything after that LP is pretty much garbage, with the exception of a few tracks here and there. this 12" posted here was released in 1991 on Headhunter records, but the tracks are from a 1983 demo session. if they had released this in 1983 it would have killed. instead they chose to re-record and these tracks sat for almost ten years. but they did finally get the vinyl release they deserved. these tracks are all fantastic and the production on this is great, really dirty. fantastic vocals by Kevin, one of, if not my favourite vocalists.

1. you lose 5/5 (crazy.)
3. here's your warning 5/5 (fast.)
4. heavy metal jocks 5/5 (BEST SONG by the band, ever.)
5. these boots are made for walking 5/5 (great cover.)
6. boss 5/5 (i don't know.)
7. young 'til i die 5/5 (love the sound of the drums.)
8. war in the head 5/5 (same as above.)

1. no class, no way! 5/5 (great!)
2. definite choice 5/5 (way better than the LP version.)
3. i have a dream 5/5 (yeah!)
4. wasted life (ain't no crime) 5/5 (fantastic song, great bass.)
5. #1 rule 5/5 (nice.)
6. out of touch 5/5 (here is a great slower song, love the wa-ohs.)
7. red and black 5/5 (spray-paint.)
8. diehard 5/5 (great singing on this track.)
9. clenched fists, black eyes 5/5 (sadly the last track, but i love the end of the song where everyone's singing.)

overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
one the best recordings of all time, get it from lots of places. i'm sure you are sick of my praising by now.



  1. i must disagree i got walk together rock together when i was likee 11 when i was first getting into punk along with minor threat. that lp has just stayed with me. i love how melodic they got. even the new shit is great.

  2. i must disagree with you. i do not like walk together, rock together. the cover they do of 99 red balloons is unlistenable. the only good thing about that album was that Ian Mackaye produced it. the new shit is shit.

  3. Nice post Zach, The Crew regularly blasted from my tape deck while driving in my car when I was a kid.I got to see them play many of these songs live, they were a great band. While I agree they maybe didn't have quite the edge, on their later stuff they had on these demos (which by the way I've never heard, thank you!)I think your being a little harsh; but that's cool, your entitled to your opinion, thanks again.

  4. thanks for the comment Frank. oh that's sweet that you got to see them. hey don't get me wrong, 7 seconds is still one of my favourite bands.

  5. One of the first punk bands I got into as a kid. Still a favorite to this day. I like everything right through Ourselves...nothing after that. WTRT is no The Crew but it's still a classic to me.

  6. oh yeah i forgot to mention i saw these guys live last year. they ripped!

  7. Thanks for this, Zach. I've heard about this band for over twenty years and just never got around to listening until now. So this blog is where I got my first taste of this band! I also prefer the more raw material from punk bands, too. It wakes me up in the morning! If you get a chance, check out my project at and I recommend Legend Of The Golden Vagina, Whatever, and More Punk Than You Vol. 2 - Enjoy & Rock On...