Saturday, July 3, 2010

Chronic Disorder-"Spit Man And The Masters Of The Universe"/"Big Smelly Fish" 12"

yes it's time again for my favourite band, chronic disorder. another limited as hell release, only 300. silk screened cover by the band themselves in 1985. i love the stains of each colour on both sides, greatly done. see the scans/pics at bottom. the lyric sheet was scanned so you can sing along to your favourites. my goal is to get Spit to comment on this, wishful thinking. great mix of different styles of music on this. i don't know the actual title to this album but the labels say "spit man and the masters of the universe" and "big smelly fish" so that's what i'm going with. the sound varies with each song. the loudest songs being track 2 and 3 and the quietest is the last track, so crank it up on that song. one of the great bands that didn't go metal in the later 80's and thank god for it. they released another lp after this that is quite different. it has some great tracks and some weird tracks. then they released another lp on posh boy and is said to be the worst posh boy release. i've only heard two tracks from it, but they are great tracks so i don't know what the problem is.
i looked for this forever. i looked on ebay everyday. i searched on google until the 50th page. then i realized, wait what about How's Your Edge. so i went into the swap department and found 4 people who owned it. i contacted all of them and only one responded. some guy from buffalo, and we reached an amount. thank you martin krajewskri.
"spit man and the masters of the universe" side
1. the final line 5/5 (great opener. the beginning sounds off time but that's what's great about the band.)
2. not funny (fascists cliques) 5/5 (great and loud. love the cow bell parts.)
3. fire 5/5 (greatest track, loud and amazing.)
4. amnesia 4/5 (slower song.)
5. my god 5/5 (all parts great.)
6. waiting 5/5 (on one of the big city comps.)
7. a sort of serenade 5/5 (fantastic guitar soloing. catchy.)
8. i see red 5/5 (they must have recorded this song a million times and every time it's great.)
"big smelly fish" side
9. a waltz/blood and honor 5/5 (great opening to one of my favourite chronic disorder songs.)
10. the gods are laughing at us 5/5 (straight ahead punk.)
11. nostalgia 3.5/5 (slower too.)
12. cold war 5/5 (i think it's "spit rants" (from first album) with a different name and added parts.)
13. america 5/5 (catchy too.)
14. away 5/5 (slower but great vocals,)
15. starting over 5/5 (always loved this song.)
16. leave us alone 5/5 (fantastic drum beat, vocals, everything. CRANK THIS TRACK TO MAX! at the end there is a backwards part and i reversed it and i think he says "we keep getting off beat" or something like that, decide for yourselves.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended (had to give this a perfect score even though nostalgia is a little weaker.)
i doubt you'll find this anywhere else. i should name this site, "The Chronic Disorder Praise Blog."


  1. no. you should name the site the i'm so stuck up and can't get over the fact that i love metal so i just bitch about it blog hahahahahaha.
    great post but i had to do that. i wonder what this band would have sounded like if they went metal. great record.

  2. metal sucks and chronic disorder is better than every metal band, hahahaha (they really are).

  3. "we keep getting off beat" I don't remember, but that sounds about right :)