Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Slobs-Demo 7"

yes another band i found out about through the School Jerks Myspace site. great band from Montreal, along with Omegas. i got this from the band. it was originally released as a tape demo in 2009. then in 2010 they released it on a 7". whether in tape or vinyl, this record kills. good old fast punk. they also have shirts out, damn i should have got one!! lyrics included. get the scans. nothing else to say.
1. memory lapse 5/5 (great stuff.)
2. no escape 5/5 (nice.)
3. hope for nothing 5/5 (when they kick it, it's great.)
4. done caring 5/5 (maybe the best.)
5. chronic disease 5/5 (more fastness.)
6. write-offs 5/5 (slow and fast, great song.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
contact them at their site to get this: SLOBS!


  1. i have checked your post. love it! why am i writing like this?

  2. hey dude
    SLOBS have a new record out on Cowabunga Records. Check it out

  3. hey johnny,
    oh yeah! i've got it ready to go in the shopping cart at Cowabunga.
    thanks for stopping by!