Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Negative Lifestyle-EP 7"

back to posting mode. here we go. well these guys and School Jerks just released a split tape, which i still haven't got yet, but i need it! anyway i learned of these guys through the School Jerks myspace site. they had this band as a friend and i clicked on them. listened to the demo tracks (i remember i was at school and it was lunch) and saw that they were making a 7". YES! their demo tracks were great. i couldn't wait for the 7". but i did and a couple months ago they released this on Bat Shit records (i bought my school jerks demo tape from them too). so i bought the alternate version with this x-ray cover thing, 7 out of 69, download the scans to see it. the cover above is another alternate. two inserts. uk style 7" hole, i guess. greatly put together. i think there were only 300 pressed but tons of different colours. anyway, great fast pace hardcore punk. great vocals and hooks. this and the Night Birds 7" are the best releases of the year so far. will be hard to top this. the band found out about this blog and said they'd be honored to be on here. well thanks! site.
1. no system 5/5 (great opener.)
2. hangover anxiety 5/5 (best song!)
3. in a crowd 5/5 (fantastic.)
4. same walls 5/5 (i think it was the first song i heard of them.)
5. brainwashed 5/5 (nice end.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
get this now! Bat Shit Records to buy it! buy the school jerks stuff too at the same time.
thanks to NL for checking this out. they said "oh thanks alot, we just read it and we love it, /Anders." thanks again guys!


  1. great band. they get the elliott sucks seal of um seal of i like you guys. and yes i am no longer borred. and myspace is for trendys! along with facebook!

  2. hey myspace is a good place for a band site. you can add tracks, info, contact info and do it for free. but myspace and facebook do suck otherwise.

  3. i'm only saying that because i can't here the tracks because of the flash player thing. you may be right but i haven't created a myspace for fucked up society. don't think i will.

  4. oh right, that sucks. haha yeah don't.