Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Government Warning-No Moderation 12"

alright what has it been, a week since the last post. well i'm here now. man i go to sleep at 4 in the mourning now, because i'm up all night reading. i just bought Please Kill Me and that's the book that's making me wake up late. also mrr. i still like that zine. speaking of zines i just bought Ripper #6. it was released in 1981 and is the best zine ever. it has a great review section and interviews. zines are great!
anyway i thought i'd post a new record. why? because this rips. i posted one of their 7"s before. well this is their first 12" and it sounds more like their other releases. just the Arrested 7" has chunky sound. great fast pace hardcore punk. released in 2006 on Feral Ward records. lots of presses (i have the first). can't understand most of what he says but when i read the lyrics the first time, it seemed more clear, funny how that works. well i scanned the big sheet so you all can read the lyrics (download the scans). now i'll shut my yap (mainly cause it's 1:03am).
1. no moderation 5/5 (great song.)
2. jocks and cops 5/5 (nice.)
3. cutting room floor 4/5 (cough.)
4. fat nation 5/5 (always my favourite by them. fantastic chorus, catchy.)
5. self medication 5/5 (great album.)
6. trend city 4/5 (yes.)
7. slave labor 5/5 (great guitar riff, fast a f**k too.)
8. power keg 4/5 (what drum beat is that?)
9. see the truth 4/5 (wow.)
10. sick of home 5/5 (nice ender.)
overall: 9/10 strongly recommended
get this, it's everywhere. i'm tired, now i'm off to read Please Kill Me.


  1. nice post. mrr is okay. pushead rules. ripper is the shit man! what's please kill me about? nice music. actually i'd like to read megawimp
    someday hahaha.

  2. haha. please kill me is (apparently) the uncensored oral history of punk. it is a collection of quotes that flow pretty well together. i just finished the part about Nico and the Velvet underground. i doubt it will have any hardcore punk bands in it.

  3. oo got to get it. got the first vu lp from mustard relics and just hated it. not sure why. oh yeah it was arty and fucking boring! anyway sounds cool but don't get that lp.

  4. yeah i got it, and it is pretty bad. boring is right.

  5. Good band. I like a lot of these new school punk bands. I might be old but I'm not a hater, even though I don't post too many of these bands on my blog. Social Circkle, Direct Control, GW, and Deep Sleep are some of my favs.

  6. yes, it's nice to see an old punk (haha) who likes new punk! yeah Social Circkle are awesome! i need to download those tapes you got uploaded!

  7. fat nation is the tits!!
    and btw thanks for the congrats

  8. this is fucking awesome. Stumbled across your website and have heard so much awesome new stuff like this and Black America - keep up the good work!!! big up from london

  9. yeah it's awesome! black america too!

    well thank you credibilitystreet!

  10. Hey Guys, Here is a pretty tight edit of the Government Warning set in Kearny NJ,