Monday, June 23, 2014

victims - s/t 7"

     not my favourite band named victims, but these guys did put out some great tracks. released back in 1978 on plan 9, which is interesting since it's the only release on that label that isn't a misfits record. this is the second effort by them, and the record is split in two. the x-rated side and the pg-rated side. the x-rated side is indeed pretty crass, and it's not really that interesting musically. the pg side is the killer here. two really great driving tracks that get you going. the production sounds so raw, love it.
01. annette (actually catchy.)
02. i want head (awful and way too long.)
03. behind the times (easily my favourite.)
04. nervous (great too.)
the original release carries an extremely high price tag. 1977 records put out a great re-issue recently, grab it while you can (only 300).

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