Wednesday, June 4, 2014

the retreads - would you listen girl 7"

(((re-post from 12/04/13)))
     one of the best beatles type 7"s out there. this great single was released in 1981. they came together for their love of the beatles. check out the bored teenagers site for some great band memories and photos, plus an early band rehearsal. when 1977 records put out the re-issue, the band reformed for a few more shows with all the original members. i really wish there was more recordings of this band. for this 7", they put out two original numbers, and a beatles cover. the two originals are fantastic, just flawless. the beatles cover is good, but the song just isn't one of my favourites of the beatles.
01. would you listen girl(super catchy.)
02. one after 909 (alright cover, just not that enjoyable.)
03. you said you knew (great song.)
you can get the re-issue put out by 1977 records.

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