Saturday, June 21, 2014

ambulance - it's all up to you 7"

     another quick powerpop record. it's ambulance's only effort on wax, put out in 1980. the first track is good and all, maybe if the flip side was weaker i'd enjoy the first track a lot more. but the flip side is so damn catchy, it leaves the a-side in the dust. i actually remember radio heartbeat records was going to re-release this 7" along with an lp of never before heard studio cuts. unfortunately the label folded i guess, you can still see the promos on their stagnate site. they were also planning on putting out the unreleased stuff of the limit, which luckily cheap rewards records picked up on and put out. i wish someone would get on the ambulance unreleased stuff too, anyway.
01. it's all up to you (very good track, but nothing speculator.)
02. i remember (fantastic, classic.)
so yeah, sing sing came in and did put out the great re-issue that you see here (but not the unreleased stuff). the original goes for insane amounts of money.

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