Wednesday, June 25, 2014

grudge - when christine comes around 7"

     here we have one of the earliest, or even first examples of punk, that i know of. this was put out in 1973 and credited to a band called grudge. though the man behind it is a guy named laurice. he went on to claim small success once he started putting out disco music in the later half of the 70s. but this stuff was before all that. both sides are super catchy pop music with hideous lyrics. both songs sound similar, and have some of the same lyrics, but i've got to give it to the b-side here. it's the real standout.
01. when christine comes around (great song.)
02. i'm gonna smash your face in (so catchy.)
might mouse records put out a much needed re-issue of this, bringing this unknown gem back into circulation. they also put out an lp of the best of laurice. it's pretty good too, though the tracks lead mostly on the rock genre.


  1. when you first said grudge my first thought was the fake straightedge band who released that fantastic project x 7 that you probably don't like haha..not bad. though there's no link to the a side. i'd say this is protopunk

    1. haha, that grudge never even crossed my mind, completely forgot about them. i didn't include the a-side cause it's pretty much the same as the b-side, lyric wise. thanks elliott, you've got a lot of past posts to catch up on.