Thursday, June 12, 2014

straight eight - shuffle 'n' cut 12"

     i'd never heard of these guys, but i was looking through a record store the other day and came across this record. there was a small sticker on it that said 'powerpop' and it was only $4 so i picked it up. released in 1980 in the uk, though i got the canadian press (much better sleeve then the uk original). wasn't really expecting much, but when i put that needle on, i was taken aback. the opening track 'i'm sorry' is killer. however, it's really the only thing on here that verges towards powerpop. i'd really just call the album pop. the rest is mostly boring or alright stuff. though there is one slower straight pop track on the flip side that is pretty catchy, so i thought i'd up that too.
01. i'm sorry
07. christine
cheapo found in 'punk' sections of record stores. 

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