Thursday, September 23, 2010

YDI-A Place In The Sun 7"

well the past couple of days i've felt like garbage. what better to do then post. so here is the bootleg of the YDI 7". remember them from American Hardcore. that short clip of the singer whipping his elbows up and down. this is the Reagan Era boot. Reagan Era has the worst quality bootlegs. they don't even try to make them look good. the photos are pixelated and stretched. the insert is cut off so that they could print it on normal size paper. at least it's better then paying $300. so i can't complain, i guess. anyway, back to the record itself. originally released on Blood Bubble records in 1983. i like the fast straight forward tracks but not so much the slower ones. his voice gets a little to harsh on the slow tracks. short songs. nothing left to say. get it.
1. not shit 5/5 (nice.)
2. 1983 5/5 (favourite track.)
3. friends 4/5 (good.)
4. mad at the world 3/5 (ok.)
5. out for blood 3.5/5 (huh.)
6. categorized 5/5 (back to great.)
7. another day 5/5 (great bass.)
9. why die? 2.5/5 (weak closer.)
overall: 7/10 recommended
get the boot. although it looks crap, it's better than spending that much dough.


  1. ah yes the ydi record. later on they went metal and released a fantastic lp called black dust. a lot of people don't like it because they really can't play metal at all but they try so hard. i like it. this ep is amazing. i'd like to hear the demo they did before this.

  2. i doubt that i'd like their lp. never heard of the demo before.

  3. i don't think you'd like that record.

  4. Good stuff. I've been looking for a copy of this on vinyl but the original is too expensive and even this bootleg is going for good $$ these days.

  5. really? this bootleg is going for good money?

  6. Well, I always get outbid on ebay for it, but I'm a cheap skate when it comes to buying bootlegs.

  7. yeah i know what you mean. bootlegs should go for no more than $10, but they do.

  8. linked your blog, also i put new stuff up

  9. oh sweet! i'll link your blog right now!