Monday, September 6, 2010

One Year Old!

well it's been a year since i started my blog. lots of things have happened. lots of records posted. met lots of great people. i started with the intention to just post reviews, and i did for several months. but after the first month i remember i completely forgot about the blog until my brother made a comment about it. then i went back at it. then sometime i quit, or felt like quitting, then i got some inspiration from some comments. then i started to add downloads ripped from my own vinyl. i made another blog for scans, then deleted it, and added the scans in downloads. the weirdest thing is that i started this blog 2 days before school started up. now one year later it's 1 day from the start of school. it's gonna suck to go back but whatever. so anyway, thanks to all who have made me go for a whole year.
some statistics:


  1. Congrats Zach ! Your doing a good job with the blog man. It's not easy to keep a blog up and running, hell I might end mine at any moment.

  2. thanks so much Dave G.! i hope you don't end your blog anytime soon!