Saturday, December 19, 2009

N.V. Boys-Rebellion 7"

here's an extremely weird release. this is from 88' but sounds like 81'. i got this from 1000 ASPIRINES. i've never seen this anywhere besides that site. these guys are from holland but sing in english (BGK comes to mind.)
1. rebellion 5/5 (great opening.)
2. kill your brain 2/5 (not my favourite.)
3. on my own 5/5 (best song, great drumming, great lyrics.)
4. a kids game 4/5 (good guitar and, in and out vocals.)
5. my eyes 2.5/5 (decent.)
6. talking crap 3.5/5 (good ender.)
overall: 8/10 strongly recommended
very rare, just get the download listed above (click on "1000 ASPIRINES" up there, if that needed to be said.)

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