Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Government Issue-Legless Bull 7"

here's one of my favourite dischord releases. i love stabb's voice. only limited to 1000 presses so it's pretty rare. only one not so good track and tat is sheer terror. luckily this song is included on their next (also great) LP.
1. religious ripoff 5/5 (great song.)
2. fashionite 5/5 (fast.)
3. rock n rool bullshit 3/5 (good song.)
4. anarchy is dead 5/5 (fastest, crazy good.)
5. sheer terror 1/5 (i don't like the chords, also slow.)
6. asshole 3/5 (decent.)
7. bored to death 3.5/5 (nice, good song.)
8. no rights 3.5/5 (pretty good, all songs pretty much sound the same so.)
9. i'm james dean 5/5 (fast, great lyrics.)
10. cowboy fashion 5/5 (great ender, great drumming.)
overall: 7/10 strongly recommended
a lot of songs for a 7", eh.

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