Thursday, December 10, 2009

Adolescents-Welcome To Reality 7"

this is pretty bad. their first LP is good (well the a-side is). this 7" seems very long and slow. the only song worth listening to is Losing Battle and even that's pretty bad. i guess everything past their first LP (including this 7") is crap. their first 7" has only one song on it 'Amoeba' and the other side is blank (too bad, cause that song isn't very good, it's also on the LP.)
1. welcome to reality 1/5 (speed it up man.)
2. losing battle 3/5 (decent, faster.)
3. things start to move 0/5 (slow, bad.)
overall: 2/10 not recommended
frontier records has reissued it, so if you really want this, their only $7 HERE (or maybe pick up their LP on the same site, i would). one-album-wonders.

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