Sunday, September 6, 2009

Minor Threat-EP 7"

this was the first punk album i ever heard and has remained my favourite ever since. the record starts with a loud GEEEEEEE that gets me pumped for the rest of the ablum. straight edge is the greatest punk song of all time. the record ends with the song "minor threat" which is a great way to end the great album.
1. filler 5/5
2. i don't wanna hear it 5/5
3. seeing red 5/5 (great bass on this song)
4. straight edge 5/5
5. small man, big mouth 5/5
6. screaming at a wall 4/5 (i gave it a 4 cause i can't play the song myself.)
7. bottled violence 5/5
8. minor threat 5/5
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
go out and get this record (the 12" with the in my eyes ep cause the 7" is long out of print.)


  1. not just one of the best punk albums of all time, but one of the best albums of any genre, ever.

    solid review!