Friday, September 18, 2009

D.O.A.-Something Better Change 12"

not a fast as their following records but this is my favourite release. b-side is definitely better than the a-side, but the first song is really good.
1. New Age 5/5 (if you don't like this song "i don't believe you".)
2. The Enemy 3/5 (nice song.)
3. 2 + 2 4/5 (a little long but great chorus.)
4. Get Out Of My Life 4/5 (faster and more aggressive.)
5. Woke Up Screaming 2/5 (a so-so song.)
6. Last Night 4/5 (also great chorus, great guitar.)
7. Thirteen 5/5 (amazing song. when i bought this i played the b-side first, accidentally, and thought the record was all going to be that fast.)
8. Great White Hope 3.5/5 (slower song but good.)
9. The Prisoner 5/5 (best d.o.a. song ever recorded. amazingly fast for them.)
10. Rich Bitch 2.5/5 (filler song.)
11. Take A Chance 4.5/5 (great faster song.)
12. Whatcha Gonna Do? 5/5 (it's slow but for some reason i love this song. great on all instruments. like when joey comes in now and then to say "whatcha gonna do?")
13. World War 3 5/5 (great ending with
overall: 7/10 strongly recommended (just for "13" and "the prisoner" alone.)
more on the slow side so don't expect it to be like ss decontrol's first album.

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