Sunday, September 20, 2009

Big Boys-Fun,Fun,Fun... 12"

when i first heard this album i thought it was really bad. but weeks later, i listened to it again and realized it was pretty decent. i'm not really sure why this is considered hardcore punk (besides apolitical) but it is, so it's on this blog.

1. Nervous 1/5 (bad way to start of the album. slow, goes nowhere.)
2. Apolitical 5/5 (best and most punk song they ever did. should have started the record with this.)
3. Hollywood Swinging 2/5 (nice bass at the beginning but the rest of the song is repetitive.)
4. Prison 3.5/5 (solid song.)
5. We Got Soul 5/5 (lots of horns.)
6. Fun Fun Fun 4/5
(back to the faster side.)

overall: 6/10 recommended (but good luck finding one.)
only reissue is on their "fat elvis" compilation on cd (i wouldn't get that if i were you.)

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