Thursday, November 18, 2010

White Flag-Within You Without You 7"

well it was my birthday on the 17th so i've been a bit busy. well i'm here now. anyway it's time to unleash another Lost and Found records gem. this time it's White Flag. when i first heard the band name, i thought they were just a bad Black Flag ripoff. but on closer inspection i was quite wrong. this band is really good, and not like Black Flag at all. they started in 81' i think. even up to 86' these guys were releasing great stuff. this was recorded in 86'. the a-side being in the studio and then the b-side being live tracks. if anybody has their album "r is for rocket" please share it with me. i really want to hear it. this record comes on clear vinyl and was released in 1990. i really like the vocals. really catchy music too. grab it!
1. within you without you 5/5 (fantastic!)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
really good hardcore punk from past the mid 80's. i'm sure it's cheap. i got the Lost and Found box set from Hits and Misses a while ago for not much money.


  1. Excellent 7". I saw a copy yesterday at my favorite new record store but I had no money left at that point hahaha. Hope you had a good B-day man !

  2. haha too bad.

    thanks! i did have a good one! i got 8 LPs!! some Total Abuse and Direct Control.

  3. Can't go wrong with Total Abuse and Direct Control in my opinion.