Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Now-Into The 80's! - The 1978 Demos 12"

finally a night where i don't have tons of homework. so what does that mean for you. it means a post! here you go. i have to say that this must be rare because i can't find any info about it anywhere. i just was looking through the bins at Hits and Misses (they just moved right next to Rotate This!) and stumbled across this. i loved their 7", so i snagged this. when i put it on, oh it was good. this gets better every time i listen to it. this is GREAT! download the scans so you can see the only info that this album gives you. it has the track listing, pressing number and discography. this was released by Boot records in 2005. limited out of 461. mine is #442. i know it doesn't look like it but the cover is white. my poor camera quality, sorry but who's gonna complain. the front has a newspaper article from 77', well you can read it. the back is plain white. the record labels seem to be a bit handwritten. now about the music. the singer's voice is great, the drums are sloppy and great. now the quality is pretty good for demo tapes. the last three songs were recorded somewhere else so that's why that sound different. the songs are a bit lengthy but you don't even notice it. they fly by. yes, 5 minutes and 53 seconds flies by! now get it! enjoy!
"The T.W. Tapes"
1. into the 80's 5/5 (fantastic.)
2. the shape of things to come 5/5 (vocals, nice.)
3. third world war 5/5 (bass.)
4. why 5/5 (great vocals.)
5. you student 5/5 (punk rock!)
6. here it comes 5/5 (nice riff.)
7. nine o'clock 5/5 (always loved this song.)
"The Trunk Session"
8. woman's own 5/5 (nice.)
9. seven days ago 5/5 (different feel the b-side but i like it.)
10. the invaders 5/5 (long great ender. chorus is awesome.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
fantastic set of demos here. thanks Boot records, whoever you are.


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  3. i downloaded the single a while ago from a good bad blog that will not be named and forgot about it. one day i was listening to music late one night when into the 80s came on and sent shivvers (ha ha) down my spine. these demo tracks are much rawer but still very good. thanks. same with me no trash all fact. so when i say 7inch punk sucks you better believe it.

  4. yeah sad. i downloaded it from KBD, but GBM had the original press. haha shivvers. yeah raw as hell, i like that about this. thanks for the comment. oh i believe that 7inch punk sucks. i used to think it was good, for about the first week. then i started reading stuff, and learned how bad it was.