Monday, November 30, 2009

The Teen Idles-Minor Disturbance 7"

it's the last day of the month, time for Dischord's first release. this is a decent record, not one of my favourites thou. lots of bass on this. Nathan's voice is also as irritating as ss decontrol's Springa (but they do grow on you). it's a good thing Ian switched to vocals and formed minor threat with Jeff. Nathan went on to form youth brigade (pretty bad band) and they released only one ep as well, which i will review soon.
1. teen idles 5/5 (best song, fast. too bad the rest of the record doesn't sound this good.)
2. sneakers 1.5/5 (weak song, slow too.)
3. get up and go 2/5 (what is this, the ramones.)
4. deadhead 3.5/5 (decent song, weird sound on the break down.)
5. fleeting fury 4/5 (good, faster.)
6. fiorucci nightmare 5/5 (yes, back to the great stuff.)
7. getting in the way 5/5 (it bleeds with the song above, so it's pretty much the same song, therefore 5/5.)
8. minor disturbance (too young to rock) 1/5 (bad live track.)
overall: 5/10 lightly recommended
better than a lot of hardcore records out there, but not nearly the best. you would have to spend tons to get the original 7", so get the 12".

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