Thursday, April 14, 2011

Authorities-Soundtrack For Trouble 7"

ok i'm back. sorry, i've been busy with a lot of stuff lately. anyway, here's the post. here is a classic 7" by Authorities. no this isn't an original copy released in 1982, but a re-issue by Get Hip Recording in 2010. this is different from the original because they added two songs to it. luckily the tracks are at the end of each side, unlike in between songs like on the Freeze 7" re-issue. the two added songs really aren't even in the same vein as the others. they are mostly slow. anyway the other tracks are killers. you probably already have this, but still.
1. achtung! 5/5 (great opener.)
2. i hate cops 5/5 (piggers.)
3. between the thighs 3.5/5 (when this song gets going, it's fantastic! but the 1 minute and 30 second slow opening part sucks. the opener could have been good if it was shorter.)
4. radiationmasturbation 5/5 (great.)
5. shot in the head 5/5 (slower tempo, but great.)
6. LSD 0/5 (is the 3 minutes of slow garbage over yet? bad.)
overall (original 4-track 7" only): 10/10 strongly recommended
buy this, lots of places have this now, snag it for cheap. now i'm off to continue watching the Bruins playoff game, there down 1-0. they better score soon. speaking of sports, how about Prince Fielder? he's socking bucko dingers like crazy lately. too bad the Brewer never play the Blue Jays so i could see Fielder play. speaking of the Blue Jays, i went to a game last week, it was good. i also went to the last Sabres home game, and they are playing there first playoff game right now. that's right, i love sports.



  1. fucking finally hahaha. great shit. two extra track i'm listening too right now. okay but not as good as the originals from the 82 ep. thanks great almost hc. and yes i hate cops!!!!!!!

  2. yeah those two tracks could have been left out.

  3. Another one I was about to post Zach. Maybe I'll post it anyway and link it back to you like the Bad Influence post.

  4. haha sorry. whatever's good with you, haha.

  5. i hate cops, they're all fucking piggers, they got little mustaches, they squeak when they walk, i hate cops! one of my old bands covered that song haha, i think it's their only good song honestly...

  6. only good song? i think i like radiationmasturbation even better, haha. oh well, to each his own, haha.