Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mean Jeans-EP 7"

yes, Mean Jeans are great. apparently they play ramones-style punk, but i really don't see it. these guys are just always having a great time. as shown in most of there lyrics. as well as some videos they have made. that's what i love about this band. love love love love love it. it was limited to 500. on slime green vinyl and my copy even comes with a sticker. here we go, an already rare record. released in 2008 on Rehab records out of Seattle and impossible to find. and when you do find them, they go for over $50. luckily i got mine from a guy for half of that, great guy. anyway, they have released a couple other 7"s and a 12", all great. so everybody download this and make them your new favourite band.
1. stoned to the bone 5/5 (huge.)
2. total creep 5/5 (great, and another newer version of this song is on their 12".)
3. invisible bugs 5/5 (shout it.)
4. wtfa401k 5/5 (great short song.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
can't find this anywhere to buy so search.



  1. This band is truly awesome - I got the lp a while back, and it never fails to disappoint - a greatband. The best track I've heard by them was the one called License 2 Kill on the pop-punk compilation you put up. What ep was that from? Great post

  2. thanks! oh yeah, that lp is amazing. i has gonna post that but figured that this was harder to find. oh that License 2 Chill is from their 2nd 7", i don't personally have it, but you can download it here. it's kind of hard to find too.

  3. now i'm beating you 3 posts to 0.

  4. that's all you have to say about this post? haha.

  5. yeah. no it's a good record. i thought i commented before but i guess that was through email. good stuff.