Monday, July 18, 2011

Black Belt Jones

well i'm sitting in the basement because it's hotter then hell upstairs. it's just a lazy dog-dangling afternoon so there is nothing else to do. so, time for some funk to give this blog a little life. this time it comes from the Blaxploitation film entitled Black Belt Jones from 1974. the intro to this movie is the greatest opening to any movie i have ever seen. this is mainly due to the incredibly funky track by Dennis Coffey. but the "great" fight scene adds to it as well. the Black Belt Jones soundtrack (mainly the 7") is noted as the holy grail of the blaxpolitation soundtracks, and i can see why. the main theme is one of my favourite tracks of all time. the rest of the film has some great tracks as well. the film was named 38 on the list of the documentary called The 50 Worst Movies Ever Made. i found that quite surprising. and then i looked into that documentary. well the documentary itself is a piece of trash. apparently the movies only go up until 1986 when the documentary was made well, well after that, in 2004. that documentary is terrible so don't fear. still, many don't like Black Belt Jones, but i do. the movie was officially released on VHS way back when but not on DVD. there is some Japanese bootleg though. a new dvd was released last year called Urban Action Collections which includes Black Belt Jones, Black Samson and two other movies, i still need to buy it. so i have included a great sounding rip of the main theme below. as well as the intro itself in video format. just enlarge the video to full-screen and change the quality to 480p for maximum funkyness.


  1. Hi Zach, that's some funny shit, thanks!

  2. love this movie. got it on VHS as a birthday present back in the 90's